In a significant stride towards promoting and nurturing emerging talents in the vibrant world of art, sooqbeirut proudly announces its collaboration with the renowned Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) – an esteemed institution with a rich legacy of cultivating creativity and artistic brilliance.

sooqbeirut “We are thrilled to embark on this journey of collaboration with ALBA, a pioneering institution that shares our passion for fostering creativity and innovation. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to providing a platform that not only showcases the immense talent within ALBA’s student body but also paves a path for them to step into the global art scene.”

ALBA commends sooqbeirut’s initiative, stating, “We appreciate the profound steps taken by sooqbeirut in creating a dedicated space for our young talents to showcase their creative expressions. This collaboration will further strengthen our commitment to shaping the future of art and design in Lebanon.”

About ALBA University:

First National Institution for Higher Education in Lebanon, ALBA has always been a pioneer in the transmission of knowledge and practices across a diverse range of fields related to the Arts and the Built Environment in Lebanon and the Middle East.

By anchoring the human being at the core of research and thinking, ALBA prepares its students to grasp complex issues through a multifaceted array of best methodologies and the latest technologies.

ALBA is offering a spectrum of multidisciplinary programs, encompassing visual arts, urban planning, architecture, interior design, graphic design, fashion design, and cinema. ALBA’s strength lies in the ability to meet all topics across different scales and time frames.

ALBA’s ambition is to educate versatile creative professionals and lifelong learners. The mission is to help those critical thinkers, makers and doers, while helping them promote social justice and sustainability so they can express all the range of their talents and a make a difference in their and next generations’ future.