There must be something wrong | By Karim Nasr

Karim Nasr


Karim Nasr, a 23-year-old Lebanese filmmaker, brings a distinct creative flair to the world of cinema. Having pursued his cinematic education at ALBA, he has honed his skills and passion for storytelling within the realm of the silver screen. Karim’s dedication shines through as he delves into the intricate tapestry of human nature, crafting narratives that probe the depths of the human experience.

His artistic focus centers around the art of storytelling, where he skillfully weaves tales that resonate with authenticity. A driving force in his work is the desire to portray characters that mirror the complexities of real life. Through his films, he seeks to immerse audiences in worlds that challenge these characters’ moral compasses, evoking emotions and contemplation.

Karim Nasir’s cinematic journey unfolds as a captivating exploration of humanity, artfully capturing the nuances of our existence through his craft. With his commitment to crafting thought-provoking narratives and his dedication to the art of filmmaking, he promises to be a creative force to watch in the world of cinema.

There must be something wrong

ABOUT THE PROJECT In the thought-provoking film “There Must Be Something Wrong,” we are introduced to Raghid, a protagonist whose life takes an unexpected turn. Having been accustomed to the confines of his home due to an extended period of remote work, Raghid’s reality is abruptly shattered by a single email that carries life-altering news: his termination from work.

As the weight of this news settles in, Raghid’s journey commences—a journey not only of external exploration but also of profound internal reflection. Set against the backdrop of a dystopian Beirut, a city once teeming with life but now eerily devoid of its usual vibrancy, Raghid embarks on a quest for answers. His footsteps echo through empty streets, his solitude reflecting the unspoken isolation many have experienced.

In this cinematic narrative, we witness Raghid’s quest for understanding unfold, a poignant metaphor for the quest we all undertake when grappling with unexpected upheavals. The juxtaposition of a desolate cityscape with Raghid’s emotional turmoil creates a captivating narrative tension, inviting viewers to contemplate the broader implications of personal and societal change.

“There Must Be Something Wrong” delves into the universal human experience of seeking meaning amidst uncertainty. Through Raghid’s odyssey, the film touches upon themes of identity, purpose, and resilience, leaving us introspective and inspired long after the credits roll.

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