Yalla Bye Painting

AED 1,100

the Story
“يلا باي” (Yalla Bye) by Mario Zaher is a delightful watercolor artwork that captures the essence of a universal phrase used in Lebanon to bid farewell.
This artwork is more than just a visual delight; it’s a tribute to the way language and culture intertwine to create shared expressions of connection and friendliness.
In this creation, Mario Zaher beautifully encapsulates the essence of “يلا باي,” where a simple phrase can convey the warmth and affection we feel when saying goodbye to friends and loved ones. It’s a piece that prompts you to reflect on the power of language to bring people together.
Embrace the heartfelt essence of “يلا باي” and let it become a part of your space, a reminder of the bonds of friendship and connection that stretch beyond borders. This artwork is a celebration of the joy of parting, knowing that you’ll meet again soon.

Artist: Mario Zaher.

the Details
Measuring A3 size at 42cm x 29.7cm, this piece invites you to celebrate the spirit of parting with warmth and a smile.
Delivered unframed, “يلا باي” offers you the creative freedom to frame it according to your personal style.

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