W ana chajra Painting

AED 1,200

the Story
“و انا شجرة” by Mario Zaher is an intriguing watercolor artwork that captures the essence of whimsy and the unexpected.
This artwork is more than just a visual delight; it’s a tribute to the way we use humor to navigate the quirks of life.
In this creation, Mario Zaher brilliantly encapsulates the essence of “و انا شجرة,” where words and imagination blend to create moments of laughter and wonder. It’s a piece that prompts you to reflect on the delightful absurdities that make life uniquely interesting.
Embrace the whimsical essence of “و انا شجرة” and let it become a conversation starter in your space. This artwork is a celebration of the joy of laughter and the imaginative spirit that resides in all of us. Order today and make this playful masterpiece your own.

Artist: Mario Zaher.

the Details
Measuring A3 size at 42cm x 29.7cm, this piece invites you to explore the humor and playfulness found in the ordinary and the extraordinary.
Delivered unframed, “و انا شجرة” provides you with the creative freedom to frame it according to your personal style.

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