Urban Decay – Zoqaq El Blat

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the Story
Step into the haunting beauty of time’s passage with Diala Shuhaiber’s captivating photograph, “Urban Decay.” This evocative piece captures the essence of Zoqaq El Blat in Beirut, where history and modernity converge in a mesmerizing display of urban decay.
In this photograph, Diala’s lens skillfully brings to life the stark contrast between the past and the present. The old broken house stands as a silent witness to the city’s history, its weathered walls and worn façade telling stories of bygone eras.
“Urban Decay” is a poignant reminder of the transient nature of urban landscapes, where the echoes of time resonate through dilapidated structures. Diala’s artistry invites you to contemplate the beauty that emerges from deterioration, the textures and details that only age can bestow.

Artist: Diala Shuhaiber.

the Details
This striking photograph is available as a high-quality print, allowing you to bring the haunting allure of “Urban Decay” into your living space. Whether as a thought-provoking addition to your art collection or a conversation starter, Diala Shuhaiber’s “Urban Decay” is a testament to the enduring power of visual storytelling.
Experience the allure of decay transformed into art. Add “Urban Decay” to your collection today and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Diala Shuhaiber’s lens.
Choose from a range of five different sizes to suit your space and aesthetic preferences:
– 30cm x 40cm
– 50cm x 70cm
– 61cm x 91cm
– 70cm x 100cm

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