Twins by Roula Karam

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the Story
Introducing “Twins” by artist Roula Karam, a captivating digital masterpiece that transcends conventional art boundaries.
“Twins” features two enchanting Asian women, exuding a remarkable blend of elegance and allure. Their striking beauty is accentuated by their expertly applied makeup and cascading, lustrous white hair that flows like a waterfall.
The unique twist lies in their attire – they don celestial garments reminiscent of a thunderstorm. The swirling clouds enveloping these mesmerizing twins create a sense of mystery and intrigue, contrasting beautifully with the predominantly pink backdrop.
“Twins” invites you to explore the duality of beauty and nature, making it a perfect gift for those who appreciate art that pushes boundaries and sparks contemplation. Experience the allure of “Twins” by Roula Karam today, exclusively at sooqbeirut’s online art gallery.

Artist: Roula Karam.

the Details
Measuring 60 cm x 60 cm, this artwork is expertly printed on canvas, ensuring its lasting beauty.
Limited edition to 10 prints.

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