TRAXS – Mixed Media by Toni Nassif

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the Story
Step into the intricate world of “TRAXS,” a captivating mixed media creation that marries vintage charm with geometric precision, meticulously crafted by the artistic hands of Toni Nassif. This artwork invites you to explore the convergence of history, mechanics, and the very essence of human ingenuity.
As your eyes alight upon “TRAXS,” you’re greeted by an image of an ancient wooden railway track, a relic of transportation’s past. Each weathered wooden stripe whispers tales of journeys taken, of lives interwoven with the passage of time.
Yet, this vintage landscape transforms into a playground of geometry and mechanics. A rusted CD emerges, a technological artifact from a bygone era, now reborn into art. It reflects the passage of time itself, much like the railway it rests upon, as it intertwines with the past to create a new narrative.
A metal train figure, reminiscent of an old keychain, evokes nostalgia for the journeys of yesteryears. Its intricate details speak to the meticulous craftsmanship that Toni brings to every element he touches.
Geometry and construction dance across the composition, reflecting the building blocks of innovation and human progress. Each element is carefully arranged, much like the gears that turn to propel trains forward on their tracks.

Artist: Toni Nassif.

the Details
Measuring 48 cm x 35 cm, “TRAXS” is a testament to Toni’s ability to craft intricate stories through art. With only one piece in existence, it stands as a singular representation of his creative vision.
With every gaze, you’ll be transported to a realm where vintage charm meets geometric allure, and Toni’s artistry transforms the past into a canvas of possibility.

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