Through Thick and Thin by Carmen Guldalian

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the Story
“Through Thick and Thin” invites you to witness a profound and timeless moment captured by the lens of Carmen Guldalian. This striking black and white photograph encapsulates the enduring bond shared by two individuals, surrounded by the vastness of the sea.
In this captivating image, the silhouette of two figures stands stoically on a shallow rock, amidst the boundless expanse of the sea. “Through Thick and Thin” is a visual testament to the power of human connection, resilience, and the shared journey through life’s challenges.
Carmen Guldalian’s lens captures not just an image but a profound metaphor for life’s journey. “Through Thick and Thin” serves as a poignant symbol of enduring love, friendship, and the unwavering support that carries us through the depths of life’s challenges.
Whether you’re an art enthusiast or someone who cherishes meaningful connections, “Through Thick and Thin” adds depth and emotion to any collection. Its symbolism and artistic finesse make it a conversation piece and a reminder of the strength found in unity.

Artist: Carmen Guldalian.

the Details
“Through Thick and Thin” is a limited edition print, with only 50 copies available worldwide. Each print is meticulously numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, ensuring you possess an exclusive and collectible piece of artistry.
Select from a range of five different sizes to suit your space and personal aesthetic:
– 15cm x 21cm
– 21cm x 30cm
– 30cm x 40cm
– 40cm x 60cm
– 50cm x 70cm
Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire one of only 50 prints of “Through Thick and Thin.” Embrace the power of human connection, resilience, and the enduring journey through life as seen through Carmen Guldalian’s lens. Secure your limited edition print today and invite this profound work of art into your world.

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