The waiting traveler sculpture

AED 3,500

the Story
Introducing “The Waiting Traveler” sculpture by Sandra Kheir Sahyoun, a captivating piece that delves into the profound theme of migrations. It serves as a poignant representation of the complex journey of migration. The silhouette of a person, seated next to their suitcase, invites contemplation on the experiences and emotions associated with leaving one’s homeland in search of new beginnings. Symbolically, the traveler’s head is composed of birds, alluding to the transformative nature of migration and the sense of freedom it can bring.
Notably, the suitcase itself carries a profound significance. Partially made of cedar trees, it serves as a powerful metaphor for the rootedness and connection to Lebanon’s rich heritage. Within the suitcase, the traveler carries a precious cargo—an actual cedar tree and the Phoenician alphabet. These elements encapsulate the traveler’s profound attachment to their homeland, carrying with them the essence of their identity and culture as they embark on their journey.
“The Waiting Traveler” sculpture invites viewers to reflect on the complexities and emotions associated with migration. It serves as a visual representation of the dual nature of longing for new horizons while carrying the essence of one’s roots. This thought-provoking piece resonates with individuals who have experienced or contemplated the transformative journey of migration, fostering empathy and understanding for those who embark on such paths.
Immerse yourself in the artistry and symbolism of “The Waiting Traveler” sculpture by Sandra Kheir Sahyoun. Allow its evocative presence to spark contemplation, dialogue, and a deeper appreciation for the universal human experience of migration.

Artist: Sandra Sahyoun

the Details
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this limited edition sculpture is made of black coated steel and is limited to only 50 pieces.
Standing at an overall height of 47 cm, with the sitting traveler measuring 30 cm from the shelf, the sculpture boasts a width and depth of 23 cm, creating a compact yet impactful presence. The sculpture can be conveniently shipped as a flat sheet, ensuring easy transportation and handling.
This limited edition sculpture is an exceptional addition to any art collection, offering a compelling conversation starter and a meaningful exploration of the human experience. With only 50 pieces available, each meticulously crafted and numbered, owning “The Waiting Traveler” allows you to embrace the artist’s vision and own a unique symbol of resilience, longing, and the enduring connection to one’s heritage.

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