The Red Moon Whisper – Acrylic on Canvas

AED 17,000

the Story
“The Red Moon Whisper” beckons you into a world of intrigue and mystique. Joy Najm’s unique artistic style is brilliantly displayed in this piece, where deep red hues set the stage for a celestial conversation. The moon whispers secrets to the world, and you can almost hear its subtle voice as you gaze upon this painting.
“The Red Moon Whisper” invites you to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos and contemplate the hidden messages that nature shares with us. It’s a piece that encourages you to listen to the whispers of the universe.

Artist: Joy Najm.

the Details
“The Red Moon Whisper” is a captivating 70cm x 80cm acrylic on canvas painting. This artwork is more than just paint on canvas; it’s an exploration of the unspoken, a tribute to the enigmatic forces that shape our world.

the Shipping
This fine artwork will be delivered stretched. Shipping costs are not included in the quoted price and will be charged separately.

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