The Red Rêverie – Acrylic on Canvas

AED 17,000

the Story
Step into the vibrant dreamscape of “The Red Rêverie”, a mesmerizing acrylic on canvas painting by the remarkable artist, Joy Najm.
“The Red Rêverie” is more than a painting; it’s an invitation to explore your innermost dreams and desires. The intense red tones evoke a sense of passion and imagination, a tribute to the boundless depths of human emotions. As you gaze upon this artwork, it’s as if you’re transported into a realm of reveries, where the artist’s brushstrokes reveal the hidden yearnings of the soul. It’s a captivating piece that sparks your imagination, encouraging you to delve into your own dreams and desires.

Artist: Joy Najm.

the Details
Measuring 70cm x 80cm, this piece is a true masterpiece that immerses you in a world of fiery red hues and profound emotions. Joy’s artistic prowess shines as she effortlessly infuses life into colors, and this painting is a testament to her remarkable ability.

the Shipping
This fine artwork will be delivered stretched. Shipping costs are not included in the quoted price and will be charged separately.

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