The Gaze of the Heart: Where Love Blossoms

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the Story
This captivating collage captures the essence of love and connection, merging symbolism and profound words. At the center of the artwork lies a heart, pulsating with vibrant energy. Within the heart, an eye gazes out, representing the intuitive perception of the soul.
The heart, a universal symbol of love and affection, serves as the focal point of the composition. From within its depths, delicate flowers bloom, their petals unfurling in a graceful dance of vibrant colors. These blossoming flowers symbolize the growth and beauty that love nurtures within the depths of our being.
Accompanying the artwork, a quote from the esteemed poet Rumi adds an extra layer of depth and contemplation. The quote, “لا أراك ولكنِّي ألقاك، فرؤية العَين رؤية، ورؤية القلب لقاء” translates to “I do not see you, but I encounter you; the sight of the eye is seeing, and the sight of the heart is meeting.” These words encapsulate the profound nature of love, transcending physical appearances and emphasizing the profound connection of souls.
The collage invites viewers to reflect upon the power of the heart’s gaze, the intangible bonds that go beyond mere sight. It encourages us to explore the realms of love that exist beyond the superficial and to recognize the transformative potential of love when nurtured with empathy and understanding. The merging of visual symbolism and poetic words invites viewers to immerse themselves in a contemplative journey, where love blooms and the gaze of the heart becomes a gateway to profound connection and spiritual fulfillment.

Artist: Yara Dakdouk.

the Details
With only 10 copies printed, this poster is a truly unique piece of art. Each one is framed in a high-end wooden frame, adding an extra touch of elegance to this already beautiful work.

Invest in this one-of-a-kind piece of art and bring the beauty of Yara’s “The Gaze of the Heart: Where Love Blossoms” into your home today.

Width: 50cm
Height: 68cm

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