#THAT by Emilie Haddad

AED 20,000

the Story
#THAT piece was triggered by social media craze that happened around the time all the hashtags started to pop”#metoo, #blacklives,…”.
Emilie wanted to express that any life matters, and any human matters whether it’s a man, woman, black or white and we need to stop labeling and blowing out of proportion every issue and instead act to prevent social media from feeding on these very human and serious topics.
Hence the globe/earth with colored dots representing all kinds of people. #THAT is a new # Emilie decided to use to tackle society and social media trends, debates and opinions.

Artist: Emilie Haddad.

the Details
Title: #THAT
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 100 cm x 100 cm
Unique Piece.

the Shipping
This fine artwork will be delivered stretched. Shipping costs are not included in the quoted price and will be charged separately.

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