So What Digital Art Print

AED 1,475

the Story
“So What” by Micheline Nohra is a striking digital art drawing that challenges conventional notions of beauty and self-perception. This captivating portrait of a woman, who appears indifferent to societal expectations about her appearance, embodies a bold statement of self-acceptance and defiance. Micheline’s use of vibrant colors and spontaneous brushstrokes brings to life the subject’s unapologetic attitude, making “So What” a powerful celebration of individuality and inner strength.

Artist:Micheline Nohra

the Details

  • Print size: 100cm x 100cm
  • Medium: Digital art drawing print
  • High-quality pigment print that preserves the intricate details and vivid colors of the artwork
  • Personalize your display by explicitly requesting a frame, with charges applied separately.
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