Retrofit – Mixed Media by Toni Nassif

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the Story
Embark on a journey through time with “RETROFIT,” a mesmerizing mixed media creation by the visionary artist Toni Nassif. This artwork beckons you to explore the meeting point of past and future, where the whispers of an old French book fuse with the allure of modern materials.
Imagine tracing your fingers across the pages of that mysterious vintage book, each word a fragment of history, each page a portal to another era. The book’s identity remains shrouded, a tantalizing enigma that adds to the artwork’s intrigue.
As your gaze lingers, a symphony of metal and wooden sticks emerges, an orchestra of textures bridging the gap between generations. Paper clips, reminiscent of bygone correspondence, offer delicate connections, much like the threads that unite stories over time.
A computer chip, a testament to our digital age, takes center stage, bridging the chasm between antiquity and innovation. Nestled alongside is a metal circle, an emblem of unity and endless cycles, hinting at the eternal dance of evolution.
Metal shapes converge, each a unique character in the story, adding depth and dimension to the composition. Among them, a red tape weaves its way, embodying the vibrant pulse of creativity that transcends temporal boundaries.

Artist: Toni Nassif.

the Details
Measuring 48 cm x 35 cm, “RETROFIT” stands as a singular testament to Toni’s artistic prowess. With only one piece in existence, it encapsulates the very essence of his creative vision. With every glance, you’ll be transported to a realm where the echoes of history resonate with the promise of the future, and where Toni’s artistry shines as a bridge across the ages.

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