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the Story
Step into a world of artistic enchantment with Diala Shuhaiber’s captivating photograph, “Orientalism.” This mesmerizing piece transports you to the realm of a striking oriental painted wall, exquisitely rendered in black and white, where timeless beauty and cultural richness converge.
In this photograph, Diala’s lens skillfully captures the intricate details and artistry of the oriental painted wall, a testament to the craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the East. Against this backdrop, a blond woman, adorned in an Abaya, stands as a symbol of cross-cultural appreciation and unity, her gaze fixed on the captivating artwork.
“Orientalism” invites you to savor the timeless beauty and cultural significance of this stunning art form, all captured through Diala Shuhaiber’s lens. It’s a celebration of the power of art to transcend boundaries and evoke a sense of wonder.
Elevate your surroundings with the elegance and cultural richness of “Orientalism.” Add this remarkable photograph to your collection and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of oriental artistry.

Artist: Diala Shuhaiber.

the Details
Available in various sizes, this high-quality print allows you to customize your art to perfectly fit your space and style preferences.
The photograph is delivered as a print only, granting you the flexibility to select the perfect frame that complements your decor. Whether you opt for a smaller, intimate size or a larger, statement piece, “Orientalism” effortlessly brings the allure of oriental artistry into your living space.
Choose from a range of five different sizes to suit your space and aesthetic preferences:
– 30cm x 40cm
– 50cm x 70cm
– 61cm x 91cm
– 70cm x 100cm

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