Nosey Painting Print

AED 950

the Story
“Nosey” by Bechara Baroudi is a captivating journey into the abstract, where vibrant colors and imaginative forms come together in a delightful dance. At first glance, the painting’s energetic composition may seem purely abstract, but a closer look reveals a hidden gem. Dominated by rich purples and a spectrum of vibrant hues, “Nosey” invites viewers to explore its layers and discover the hidden details that bring the artwork to life. Bechara’s ability to blend abstract elements with humorous and thought-provoking imagery makes “Nosey” a testament to his unique artistic vision.

Artist:Bechara Baroudi

the Details
This print of “Nosey” measures 55cm x 70cm, making it a perfect fit for various spaces, adding a splash of color and intrigue. The high-quality print captures the vivid purples and the intricate nuances of Bechara’s original painting, preserving the depth and texture that make his work so engaging. Ideal for those who appreciate abstract art with a playful twist, “Nosey” is a striking addition to any art collection.

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