Modern Woman Figurine by Paulette Eid

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the Story
Introducing “Modern Woman” figurine by Paulette – Celebrating Sustainable Artistry.
Immerse yourself in the world of Paulette’s artistry with her exquisite “Modern Woman” statues. These captivating sculptures pay homage to the modern traditional Lebanese woman while championing the ideals of sustainability and creativity.
Each “Modern Woman” statue is meticulously crafted from repurposed plastic water bottles, breathing new life into discarded materials and transforming them into works of art. Paulette’s commitment to recycling and upcycling is evident in every detail, making these statues not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious.
The statues beautifully capture the essence of the modern Lebanese woman, elegantly adorned in vibrant and colorful Abayas. With their flowing lines and bold hues, the Abayas represent the dynamic spirit, cultural richness, and diversity of Lebanese women today. Each statue stands as a tribute to their strength, resilience, and individuality.
Whether displayed in your home, office, or gallery, the “Modern Abaya” statues by Paulette will undoubtedly captivate admirers and spark meaningful conversations. Their unique blend of artistic expression and environmental consciousness makes them an ideal addition to any art collection or a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate sustainable craftsmanship.
Experience the beauty and significance of “Modern Woman” statues, where artistry meets sustainability. Discover the enchanting world of Paulette’s creations at sooqbeirut, your premier destination for exceptional art that resonates with both the heart and the planet.

Artist: Paulette Eid

the Details
Available in two sizes, the small statue measures 6 x6 x 28cm and is delicately displayed on a wooden base, while the large statue measures 12 x 12 x 42cm and rests upon a sleek Plexi base. Both sizes offer a captivating showcase of Paulette’s artistry and attention to detail.
Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these statues serve as a powerful symbol of sustainability and conscious consumption. By repurposing plastic water bottles, Paulette encourages us to reimagine the potential of everyday objects and embrace a more eco-friendly mindset. Each statue embodies the transformative power of art to inspire change and raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste.
Note: Each sculpture is meticulously handcrafted by Paulette, ensuring that every piece is unique and reflects her artistic vision and dedication to excellence. Due to the nature of recycled materials, slight variations may occur, making your artwork truly one-of-a-kind.

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