Model Car – Porsche 356 Pre-A – Carrera PANAMERICANA 1953 – J.EVANS #200

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the Story
Presenting the extraordinary PORSCHE 356 PRE-A – CARRERA PANAMERICANA 1953 – J.EVANS #200: A masterpiece that transcends time, capturing the essence of history, empowerment, and artistry. This Porsche 356 PRE A, an epitome of competition, embarked on a thrilling journey in 1953, challenging the famed Carrera Panamericana race. This renowned Mexican race held the distinction of being the world’s most perilous, testing the mettle of the boldest drivers.
Behind the wheel was Jacqueline Evans, a British driver with Mexican roots, whose audacious spirit and driving prowess defined her legacy. This singular model pays homage to her audacious journey on the treacherous track.
Steeped in significance, this model car holds a unique distinction. It bears the heritage of Eva Perón, the illustrious Argentine first lady and a fervent champion of women’s rights. Adorned in the same vibrant colors Eva Perón favored, this Porsche transcends its role as a mere car and evolves into a symbol of empowerment and progress.
The PORSCHE 356 PRE-A is a testament to the intersection of racing prowess and social change. Drenched in the iconic CARRERA PANAMERICANA color, it exudes an air of elegance and determination. The meticulously crafted directional wheels showcase its dynamism, while the openable front doors invite you to explore its intricacies.
Embodying the spirit of the 1953 era, this 1/18 scale model encapsulates the precision and dedication that Porsche, a renowned constructor, poured into its creation. The year 2019 marked its release, a culmination of craftsmanship and historical reverence.
In a dominant Blanc shade, this Porsche mirrors the purity of its intentions—paying homage to Eva Perón and the women’s rights movement she championed. Themed around Rallye, it stands as a tribute to the resilience and determination that marked the historic race.
Intricate, symbolic, and steeped in history, the PORSCHE 356 PRE-A – CARRERA PANAMERICANA 1953 – J.EVANS #200 is not just a model car; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of progress and the intersection of empowerment and racing excellence.

Artist: Marc Hanna.

the Details
Brand new and untouched, this PORSCHE CARRERA PANAMERICANA arrives in its original packaging, carefully preserved to retain its pristine condition, crafter by the renowned SOLIDO.
Wheels: Directional
Constructor: Porsche
Year: 1953
Scale: 1/18
Release year: 2019
Openable: Front Doors
Dominant color: Blanc
Theme: Rallye.

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