Model Car – BMW 700 Rennsport Coupé

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the Story
Introducing the captivating BMW 700 Rennsport Coupé, a collector’s delight that embodies the essence of racing history. Crafted with precision by AUTOart, this model car pays homage to a bygone era of racing prowess and innovation.
Draped in a sleek silver hue, the BMW 700 Rennsport Coupé radiates an air of elegance and speed. Every curve and detail has been meticulously reproduced, capturing the spirit of a racing icon that once graced the track with its presence.
This exceptional piece stands as a testament to automotive artistry and history. A true collector’s model, it encapsulates the passion of enthusiasts who appreciate the fusion of design and performance that defines classic racing cars.
Immerse yourself in the racing legacy of the BMW 700 Rennsport Coupé, a participant in the Rennen/Race at the Schorndorfer Bergrennen 1967. Driven by the skilled Heinz Eppelein, this car left an indelible mark on the course, showcasing the remarkable synergy between driver and machine.
As you hold this BMW 700 Rennsport Coupé, you’re transported to a time when racing was defined by passion and skill. The exhilaration of the track, the roar of the engine—it’s all encapsulated within this exquisite model.
Elevate your collection with the BMW 700 Rennsport Coupé by AUTOart, a masterpiece that captures the heart and soul of racing. With its rich history, meticulous craftsmanship, and inclusion in its original packaging, this model car stands as a testament to the enduring allure of motorsport and the artistry that defines it.

Artist: Marc Hanna.

the Details

While the model car itself is brand new and untouched, we want to be transparent and share that the original box it comes in has suffered some minor damage. Despite this, the commitment to preserving its pristine condition is evident, making this piece not just an emblem of history, but a testament to the attention and care invested by AUTOart.
Color: Silver
Scale: 1/18
Openable: Front Doors, Trunk, Hood.

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