Miss Fortune Digital Drawing

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the Story
There’s few things more upsetting than the idea of an animal being harmed. This piece illustrates in the form of a vicious massacre the notion of “self-sabotage” and how one can seemingly go on a blind and determined rampage, destroying the thing they love and care for most, often in an act of self-hatred. A reminder that cruelty towards oneself is as senseless as cruelty towards others.

Artist: Sarah Saroufim

the Details
High quality photographic print encased in plexi glass with aluminum back closure.
Printing and framing by Zeinberg Photographic Laboratory in France.
The plexiglass is light and unbreakable.
A rectangular aluminium frame at the back of the print enables it to be offset 20 mm from the wall, so as to showcase the digital drawing and provide structural stability.

The printed digital drawing is delivered ready to hang.
Please allow 1 month for delivery.

Limited Edition: 5 Large Prints and 5 Giant Prints available only.

Available Formats:
Large Format: 60 x 75 cm
Giant Format: 100 x 125 cm

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