Melody by Lea Photography

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the Story
It’s a play button that takes me back in time, or keeps me still as time passes me by.
Melodies, that keeps my youth entertained, and my aged wisdom rich with everlasting youth.
A balance my soul created through the notes that played my days and kept me framed in the now.
Where past and my present collide creating harmonies of a lifetime.
In the souqs of Mar Mikhael, Beirut, where young people fill the street with their daring personalities and their bold thoughts, small shops stuck in their past glories still prevail. Roy, the owner of a vintage record shop reminisces on the old days, and talks about his continuous creation of melodies, that keep his soul entertained, and his aged wisdom rich with everlasting youth.
Camera: canon 600 D
Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Artist: Lea Baddour

the Details
This photography print is available in multiple sizes – 70cmx60cm, 60cmx50cm, and 50cmx40cm.
Personalize your display by explicitly requesting a frame, with charges applies separately.
Limited Edition: Only 10 prints available.

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