Love Transcends Boundaries

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the Story
In this captivating collage, the iconic painting “The Lovers” by René Magritte merges seamlessly with the enchanting beauty of Arabic calligraphy by the renowned poet Mahmoud Darwish. The composition intertwines art and words to evoke a profound sense of love and emotional connection.
At the center of the composition, Magritte’s “The Lovers” captures two figures intimately shrouded in a passionate embrace, their faces concealed by white cloth. The painting’s dreamlike quality and symbolic imagery evoke a sense of mystery, longing, and unity. The figures’ union signifies the transcendent power of love, which surpasses superficial appearances and embraces a deeper connection of the soul.
Intertwined with the painting, the elegant Arabic calligraphy by Mahmoud Darwish elegantly reads “…فإني أحُّبّك حتى التَعَبْ”
The fluid strokes of the script reflect the beauty and lyrical nature of Darwish’s words. The calligraphy, a timeless expression of love in the poet’s language, infuses the artwork with a sense of cultural richness and emotional depth.
This collage speaks to the universality of love, transcending language, culture, and artistic forms. It celebrates the power of love to ignite the human spirit, inspire profound emotions, and bridge the gaps between individuals and societies. The fusion of Magritte’s painting and Darwish’s calligraphy creates a harmonious union of art and poetry, inviting viewers to explore the depths of love’s boundless capacity and the enduring connection it fosters between souls.

Artist: Yara Dakdouk.

the Details
The poster is printed in size A2, with only 10 copies available, each framed with a high-end wooden frame. Don’t miss the chance to add this unique and meaningful artwork to your collection.

Width: 50cm
Height: 68cm

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