Lone Beauty by Carmen Guldalian

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the Story
“Lone Beauty” invites you to immerse yourself in the serenity of nature and the allure of solitude through the lens of the talented artist Carmen Guldalian.
In this captivating composition, a single poppy flower stands as a beacon of elegance amidst a profusion of small yellow blooms, evoking a sense of grace and individuality within the vibrant tapestry of nature. Carmen’s artistic vision and meticulous composition reveal the enchanting story of this “Lone Beauty.”
Whether you’re an art enthusiast or a nature lover, “Lone Beauty” adds a touch of natural elegance to any collection. Its symbolism and artistry make it a conversation piece and a reminder of nature’s enduring charm.

Artist: Carmen Guldalian.

the Details
“Lone Beauty” is a limited edition print, with only 70 copies available worldwide. Each print is meticulously numbered and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, ensuring you possess a rare and collectible piece of artistry.
Select from a range of five different sizes to harmonize with your space and personal aesthetic:
– 15cm x 21cm
– 21cm x 30cm
– 30cm x 40cm
– 40cm x 60cm
– 50cm x 70cm
Seize the opportunity to own one of only 70 prints of “Lone Beauty.” Embrace the beauty of solitude, grace, and the enchantment of nature as seen through Carmen Guldalian’s lens. Secure your limited edition print today and introduce this exquisite work of art into your world.

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