Lighting on the Rocks

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the Story
Prepare to be awestruck by Diala Shuhaiber’s extraordinary photograph, “Lightning on the Rocks.” This breathtaking piece defies belief as it captures the sheer power and majestic beauty of a thunderstorm’s lightning illuminating the iconic Raouche rocks in Beirut.
In this photograph, Diala’s lens captures a moment of raw, unfiltered beauty and elemental power. The lightning’s intense light creates a stark contrast against the darkened sky, highlighting the majesty of the Raouche rocks below. It’s a moment so rare and awe-inspiring that many doubted its authenticity.
But Diala’s story is one of determination and courage. She risked her safety to capture this phenomenal image, waiting patiently for the storm to reveal its electric wonder. In her pursuit of artistry, she even sacrificed her camera to immortalize this captivating moment.
“Lightning on the Rocks” stands as a testament to the incredible forces of nature and the unwavering dedication of a passionate photographer. It’s a reminder that the most extraordinary moments often demand the greatest sacrifices.
Elevate your surroundings with the power and beauty of “Lightning on the Rocks.” Add this remarkable photograph to your collection and experience the majesty of nature’s electric embrace.

Artist: Diala Shuhaiber.

the Details
Available in various sizes, this high-quality print allows you to customize your art to fit your unique space and style preferences.
The photograph is delivered as a print only, providing you with the flexibility to select the perfect frame that complements your decor. Whether you choose a smaller, intimate size or a larger, statement piece, “Lightning on the Rocks” brings the sheer force of nature into your living space.
Choose from a range of five different sizes to suit your space and aesthetic preferences:
– 30cm x 40cm
– 50cm x 70cm
– 61cm x 91cm
– 70cm x 100cm

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