Hope by Magda Malkoun

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the Story
“Hope” by Magda Malkoun is a profound exploration of our journey, intertwining remembrance of the past with a hopeful gaze towards the future. The artwork beautifully captures the essence of embracing our history, acknowledging the progress we’ve made, and finding strength to overcome future challenges. Life’s collage, depicted through vivid imagery, reflects the places visited, people encountered, and the spectrum of experiences that shape our existence. This piece invites contemplation, offering a visual narrative that instills hope and encourages learning from every facet of our journey.

Artist: Magda Malkoun

the Details
This exquisite artwork is a Giclee Print crafted with Archival Ink on premium Archival Fine Art Paper. For collectors seeking a complete presentation, the option includes a choice between the print alone or elegantly framed in Matt Black Wood, accompanied by an Acid-Free off-white border. Limited to just 15 prints, each edition is a testament to the exclusivity of Magda Malkoun’s work.
The print measures 60cmx60cm, while the framed dimensions are 80cmx80cm, offering versatility in display.
Originally exhibited in 2023 in the private collection of a UAE National as an NFT, “Hope” further holds historical significance as part of the Morrow Collective 50|50 Exhibition at Al Safa Library, where 20 editions were collected. This piece resonates with a profound sense of hope and introspection, making it a cherished addition to any art connoisseur’s collection.

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