Fake Portrait

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the Story
Embark on a journey of enigma and fascination with our “Fake Portrait” Art with Hidden Eyes, a captivating creation by Hiba Jaroudi. This unique artwork delves into the mysterious allure of concealing or partially obscuring the subject’s eyes within the portrait. Hiba’s skillful use of this artistic technique adds a touch of intrigue, fostering a sense of curiosity and an element of mysticism. Uncover the hidden narratives and emotions woven into each piece, as the concealed eyes invite viewers to interpret the untold stories behind the gaze.

Artist: Hiba Jaroudi.

the Details
Immerse yourself in the spellbinding world of “Fake Portrait” by Hiba Jaroudi. This limited edition artwork is customizable to suit your preferences. Choose from three sizes and select the printing medium that resonates with your aesthetic: canvas for a classic touch or UV printing on acrylic for a contemporary, ready-to-hang masterpiece. Each piece captures the essence of hidden narratives, providing a unique and thought-provoking addition to your space.
Limited Edition to 100 Prints
Available size: 70cm x 90cm.

the Copyright Statement:
© 2022 Hiba Jaroudi. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this limited edition product is prohibited. Viewers are kindly advised against copying or printing from this artwork without explicit permission from the artist.

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