Dissolve Digital Drawing

AED 3,000AED 5,500

the Story
An absurd depiction of an underwater dystopia, not far from our own reality, where an authority employed in the service of its land and people, violently uses its gifted power against them in the name of “progress”. Fighting murderous deep-sea laser police cars with water guns expresses the futility of peaceful protests against a heavily armed foe; it’s funny, but not really.

Artist: Sarah Saroufim

the Details
High quality photographic print encased in plexi glass with aluminum back closure.
Printing and framing by Zeinberg Photographic Laboratory in France.
The plexiglass is light and unbreakable.
A rectangular aluminium frame at the back of the print enables it to be offset 20 mm from the wall, so as to showcase the digital drawing and provide structural stability.

The printed digital drawing is delivered ready to hang.
Please allow 1 month for delivery.

Limited Edition: 5 Large Prints and 5 Giant Prints available only

Available Formats:

Large Format: 60 x 75 cm
Giant Format: 100 x 125 cm

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