Contemplation by Magda Malkoun

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the Story
“Contemplation,” a masterpiece by Magda Malkoun, unfolds a narrative born from the depths of insomnia, transforming into a serene journey of introspection. It beckons us to embrace our thoughts, drawing inspiration from our history, roots, and dreams for a brighter future. In the tranquility of inner calmness and silence, new beginnings take shape. The artwork encapsulates the transformative power of facing one’s thoughts, listening to their whispers, finding peace, and moving forward with newfound clarity.

Artist: Magda Malkoun

the Details
This captivating artwork is a Giclee Print meticulously crafted with Archival Ink on premium Archival Fine Art Paper. For those seeking a complete presentation, the option includes a choice between the print alone or framed in elegant Matt Black Wood, accompanied by an Acid-Free off-white border. With only 15 prints available, each edition attests to the exclusive nature of Magda Malkoun’s artistic vision.
The print measures 60cmx60cm, while the framed dimensions are 80cmx80cm, offering versatility in display.
Originally exhibited in 2023, “Contemplation” achieved recognition as a finalist shortlisted by Sotheby’s Institute of Art in New York. The piece holds historical significance as an NFT exhibit and collection at Art Dubai 2023, further solidifying its place as a contemplative masterpiece in the world of contemporary art.

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