Coffee Pot

AED 510

Introducing Senatori Coffee Pot
The Senatori Coffee Pot is an extraordinary work of art from the sensational artist, Senatori Town. As a mark of his status as one of the best International Artists, the Senatori coffee pot is made with finesse and comes in 4 different versions. The first is the Italian Super Original Coffee pot that combines artistry with comfort in blue color.
Also, the Chicago twins’ coffee pot combines more than two colors to make an astonishing panorama. Broomstreet Coffee Boys shows class while brewing coffee. It is a must to have at home to make a fantastic aesthetic ambience. Furthermore, the 1000 Madison Ave is created with aplomb to bring out the excellent city allure in drinking coffee.
As a man of style, the artist has created art in the purest form, in a way art lovers who love gifting arts will always adore.

Artist:Selwyn Senatori

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