Coffee Cup

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The Special Senatori Coffee Cup
It is not enough to drink coffee. You have to do it in style. The Senatori Town coffee pot helps serve coffee in style and bring art closer to you. It is especially impressive if you host friends and want to take the experience to another level. Senatori Town’s genius is felt through the different versions of the coffee cups. The White Espresso Boys Heavenly Coffee Cup shows the heavenly touch at its full glare. Very light and attractive, the Black Graveyard Shift Midnight Coffee cup is a beauty to behold. Also, the blue, majestic version brings serenity and calm to all scenes. The Yellow Version Rokin 119 beautifies and brings some color to the coffee environment. The Senatori Coffee cups are ideal ways of gifting arts to our associates and show love in a rather unique but important way.

Artist:Selwyn Senatori

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