Bala Wala chi Painting

AED 1,285

the Story
Mario Zaher’s “بلا ولا شي” (Without Anything) is a tender celebration of love, captured in the artistry of watercolors. In this enchanting painting, a couple shares a kiss, their affection echoing the timeless sentiments of Ziad Rahbani’s famous song, from which this artwork takes its name. It’s not just a painting; it’s a testament to the power of love and the way music and art intertwine to capture the heart’s desires.
Embrace the romantic allure of “بلا ولا شي” and let it fill your space with the warmth of love. This artwork is a timeless reminder that love needs “Without Anything” but its own magic. Order today and let this beautiful moment become a part of your life.

Artist: Mario Zaher.

the Details
Measuring A3 size at 42cm x 29.7cm, this masterpiece invites you to explore the depth of emotion through delicate brushwork. The watercolor technique adds a soft and dreamlike quality to the piece, enhancing the intimacy of the moment.
“بلا ولا شي” arrives unframed, allowing you to choose a frame that complements your personal style.

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