Ana Hek Painting

AED 1,285

the Story
Dive into the intriguing world of Mario Zaher’s artistry with “أنا هيك” (I am like that). This piece is not just a painting; it’s an invitation to contemplate the layers of identity and self-representation.
Discover the allure of the unknown, the charm of the unspoken, and the magic of self-discovery within “أنا هيك.” Embrace the enigma and add a touch of intrigue to your space.

Artist: Mario Zaher.

the Details
Measuring A3 size at 42cm x 29.7cm, this artwork invites you to unravel its hidden narratives. Hand-painted with watercolors, it exudes an air of mystery and self-expression.
“أنا هيك” arrives unframed, allowing you to select the perfect frame to accentuate its charm.

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