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Shuttered Beauty: Unveiling the Artistic Essence of Photography

In the realm of artistic expression, photography has often found itself at the crossroads of debate regarding its classification as true art. However, delving into the intricacies of the craft reveals a compelling narrative that firmly positions photography within the realm of fine art. Beyond mere documentation, photography is an exquisite form of visual storytelling, […]

Brushstrokes of Light: Unveiling the Essence of Impressionism

In the annals of art history, one movement stands out as a revolutionary departure from the traditional – Impressionism. sooqbeirut, your online art gallery, invites you to immerse yourself in the world of fleeting moments and vibrant hues that define this groundbreaking genre. Join us as we unravel the canvas of Impressionism, exploring its origins, […]

How Art in a Casino can influence the players

Art and casinos may seem like an unlikely pair, but their intersection forms a fascinating tapestry that shapes the gaming experience. Beyond the slot machines and card tables, the curated selection of art in a casino plays a pivotal role in influencing players. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s a deliberate effort to immerse individuals […]

Unlocking the Dreamscapes: A Dive into Surrealism

In the vast realm of art, where creativity knows no bounds, Surrealism stands as a testament to the extraordinary. It is a movement that transcends the boundaries of reality, inviting viewers to step into the enigmatic landscapes of dreams and subconscious thoughts. sooqbeirut, as an online art gallery, takes pleasure in unraveling the mysteries of […]

Brushes of Hope: A Journey Through Art in Times of Conflict

In a world often marked by turmoil and strife, artists have held the unique power to use their creativity as a beacon of hope. They’ve painted, sculpted, and expressed their deepest emotions in response to the societal issues and conflicts that have plagued humanity throughout history. Let’s embark on a journey through time, exploring the […]

Why Physical Art still Matters in a Digital Age

  There is no denial that the digital art market has grown astonishingly in the past few years, especially since the last pandemic, which has helped digital assets to gain value and importance. However, the current growth of digital art and the technologies which enable it, such as NFT, are in no way antagonistic with […]

The Thriving Lebanese Artistic Scene

  The poignant artistic drive that runs through Lebanese veins has always positioned the country, and specially its capital Beirut as an artistic hotspot in the Middle East. The reason for such creativity has often been attributed to the tension between Eastern and Western influences that converge in this region. Lebanese artists have had to […]