Zeina El Zein

Zeina El Zein

Zeina El Zein is an artist who has discovered her deep talent for original creation, which has flourished and turned into By Frozen Musique, a Dubai-based interior design brand. Zeina’s company started out as a creative endeavor 13 years ago when she gave her first shot at decorating a friend’s house and discovered her power to transform an environment through design and art. 

After discovering her creative talent she gathered a team of like-minded partners to focus on re-styling spaces with special attention to detail in design and smart choices in authentic decoration. Her love for dressing up walls, reworking objects to create unique pieces and working on contrast has established her brand and granted many successful projects in various landmark commercial and residential spaces across the Middle East. 

In the pursuit of adding unique and precise items to her projects, Zeina then began working with her team to create original decoration items, and her first drawing, the Rainbow Tray was a big success that gave rise to an original signature collection including cushions, furniture and linens. Now the company also produces original tailor made decoration items to achieve the optimum levels of aesthetic originality and functionality that a place must have to exult in elegance and comfort.

Items by this artist

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