Yara Dakdouk

Yara Dakdouk

Yara Dakdouk is an Art Director/Artist based in Lebanon. She graduated with a BA in Graphic Design and has more than 9 years of working experience in few multinational advertising agencies.

She discovered her passion for Arts & Crafts at a very early age. She found salvation and happiness through art and painting which allowed her to channel her chaotic thoughts and feelings freely through Surrealist collage art. An art that can deliver messages that transcends languages, cultures, and even time.

Her influence comes from everything around her since she is a firm believer that the universe is the fairest mentor and the sole source of creativity for any artist that finds joy in wandering through tiny details around with childlike curiosity. She finds herself always searching for uniqueness, and she also finds herself practicing the art process in daily activities. This process leaves her in a state of permanent celebration of the world of colors and all the symbols of energy and vitality.

She believes what she presents in each artwork reflects her view of the world around her.

Items by this artist

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