Selwyn Senatori

Selwyn Senatori

Selwyn Senatori is one of the greatest artists on earth, with an incredible portfolio of producing top-notch paintings that connect to the soul. Born in Palanza in 1973, this Half Italian and Dutch have done wonderfully well to create a reputation for himself as the master of originality. He can be the suit, pocket thief, and custom-made show guy with a glass of champagne to go with it. On another occasion, he could be seen as the artist who can paint wonders with a pair of flip-flops. Selwyn Senatori has grown to make awesome art that provokes immediate joy and fulfillment. His art is popular at Italian restaurants, drink spots, luxury vehicles, high-end condos, and famous parties.  

The brilliant artist works with acrylic paint on linen, with further experimentations in spray cans, chalks, and pencils. Apart from using canvas, Senatori draws almost everything, bringing life to the arts and helping art lovers with their imaginations. Senatori has left his golden hands on the sands of time from champagne boxes, cars, women, and buses. 

Presently, Selwyn lives in Amsterdam, where he works and creates most of his artworks. Notably, his artwork is known worldwide, and he continues to break ground like never before as an artist. Furthermore, he’s well known in Moscow, Dubai, New York, Oslo, Hong Kong and other famous cities worldwide as the man who changes life through creation of incredible artswith canvas and acrylic. 

Senatori decorated the visual aspect of David Guetta’s performance at the 2017 MTV European Music Awards in London with his extraordinary skill. He later worked on and designed the artwork for Guetta’s ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ single and lyric video.  

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