Sandra Sahyoun

Sandra Sahyoun

Sandra Kheir Sahyoun is an accomplished artist whose work serves as a profound exploration of her Lebanese identity. Growing up amidst the shadows of the civil war, Sandra embarked on a lifelong artistic quest to uncover her cultural roots, challenging the unspoken and taboo subjects that had long obscured her understanding of self.

Having graduated with a degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the esteemed Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA), Sandra’s education provided her with a solid foundation in artistic expression. She went on to share her knowledge and passion for design by teaching interior design at ALBA, nurturing and inspiring future generations of artists.

Throughout her career, Sandra has left an indelible mark on numerous projects and designs, but one notable endeavor stands out—her creation of the “Perch”, a space nestled in the Lebanese Mountains that seamlessly blends art and hospitality. This unique environment serves as both her residence and studio, allowing her to live and work amidst the natural beauty that continues to shape her artistic vision.

In 2013, a transformative moment occurred during a serene stroll through a cedar forest in Lebanon. It was in this tranquil setting that Sandra experienced an internal revelation, realizing that the Cedar of Lebanon held the key to unlocking her identity. From that moment forward, her paintings and sculptures became a powerful reflection on the deep connection between the people of Lebanon and their emblematic tree—a symbol representing the strength, heritage, and struggle of an entire nation.

Sandra’s evocative and thought-provoking art has resonated deeply within her compatriots and the Lebanese diaspora worldwide. Her ability to capture the essence of Lebanon’s collective consciousness has earned her widespread recognition, resulting in the publication of her works in multiple esteemed books and the opportunity to exhibit her art in prestigious solo exhibitions.

From the Municipality of Vienna to the Austrian Parliament and even the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Sandra’s message-bearing art has found a global audience, touching hearts, stirring emotions, and fostering a profound understanding of the profound bond between the people of Lebanon and their cherished Cedar tree.

With each stroke of her brush and every sculpted form, Sandra Kheir Sahyoun continues to weave a visual tapestry that honors her heritage, challenges societal norms, and ultimately illuminates the beauty and resilience of Lebanon’s enduring spirit.

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