Roula Karam

Roula Karam

Roula Karam is a digital artist who creates captivating and vibrant artwork under her collection “Avatar in wonderland”. Her avatars are a reflection of the colorful and diverse environment around them, with each one representing a unique aspect of this wonderland’s creativity. These avatars are not human, robot, or alien, but rather a fusion of all three, brought to life by the energy and magic of this wonderful land.

The eyes of these avatars are the most striking aspect of their faces, containing entire galaxies within them. Their tears shimmer with the same otherworldly light that emanates from their bodies, and although cosmic in nature, these avatars are not prone to sadness or sorrow. They are beings of pure joy and wonder, and their tears are more often shed in moments of pure happiness and awe.

Roula’s artwork reflects the beauty and magic of this wonderland, and her use of colors and imagery transport viewers into a world beyond their own. She is passionate about creating art that celebrates diversity and the unique qualities that make each individual special. Her avatars embody this spirit, and through their vibrant energy, they invite us to embrace our own unique qualities and see the world through a different lens.

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