Micheline Nohra

Micheline Nohra

Micheline Nohra, a distinguished Lebanese artist, captivates the art world with her unique portrait paintings that masterfully blend figuration and abstraction. Her work is a vivid expression of the chaotic beauty of modern life, where madness and beauty coexist in a delicate dance. Micheline’s art is characterized by its bold, dynamic brushstrokes that infuse each piece with a sense of movement and vitality.

Her creations are a burst of color and spontaneity, showcasing a personalized technique that has become her signature. Micheline’s journey into the world of art was driven by an intuitive passion that led her to study at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, part of the Lebanese University. Her dedication to her craft is evident in her extensive participation in group exhibitions across Lebanon, her involvement in a prestigious auction in New York, and her celebrated solo exhibition in Beirut in 2022.

For Micheline Nohra, art is not just a profession; it is a gift to which she is wholly devoted, a vibrant testament to her energetic spirit and creative prowess.

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