Joy Najm

Joy Najm

Joy Najm is an artist who has meticulously crafted a unique, multidisciplinary artistic identity, seamlessly reflecting her strong and vibrant emotions in her work. Her artistic journey began at a tender age, from 6 to 14 years old, when she honed various painting techniques and embraced the world of musical piano styles.

In 2022, Joy proudly presented her inaugural painting exhibition, ‘The Reveal,’ hosted at the KAF Gallery, making a significant milestone in her artistic journey. Her talent and dedication were further recognized when she was selected as one of the 12 distinguished Lebanese women artists by ‘Artists of Beyrouth,’ earning her a spot in the ArtHause exhibition in July 2023. Some of her remarkable paintings even adorned the entire lobby of the SmallVille Hotel for several months.

Joy’s artistic journey has also taken her beyond borders. She showcased her works at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) in September 2023, and in a collective exhibition at PIKASSO Gallery in SERKAL, Dubai, in October 2023. Her remarkable journey has garnered attention and acclaim in various media outlets, including Annahar, Magzoid Luxury Magazine UAE, Ici Beyrouth, Gallery Magazine Lebanon, Agenda Culturel Liban, and The MYM Agenda.

In her art, Joy Najm aspires to capture the essence of regeneration, primarily through the compelling medium of portraits and faces. Each brushstroke on her canvas embodies the intention of unveiling profound emotions concealed within the eyes, often referred to as the ‘windows to the soul.’ Her paintings are a reflection of the very core of humanity, revealing deep-seated emotions that reside within all of us.

Joy’s artwork centers on portraying the myriad emotions that people experience, exposing their vulnerabilities and authenticity. The eyes, with their mesmerizing depth, serve as mirrors reflecting the intricate layers of the human soul. In a world often preoccupied with superficiality, Joy’s art serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of introspection and the significance of recognizing and embracing our genuine emotions.

Through her art, Joy seeks to ignite a conversation about the importance of acknowledging our emotions, embracing our heritage, and adapting to the transformative forces of the present. The process of regeneration, both on an individual and societal level, is pivotal for growth, and Joy intends for her paintings to act as catalysts for introspection, empathy, and unity.

As Joy Najm continues her artistic journey, her aspiration is to weave a tapestry of emotions and stories that resonate deeply with viewers, fostering a profound appreciation for the enduring spirit of humanity.

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