Emilie Haddad

Emilie Haddad

Based in Dubai with roots from Lebanon, Emilie emerges from a rich artistic background colliding two worlds: filmmaking and artistic painting.

Emilie travels worlds rich in cultures that feed her imaginary and hone her talent. Every piece that Emilie creates stems from a message, an experience, or an event. The final piece evokes a feeling, intimate to the viewer alone. Her technique of choice is oil on canvas.

While climbing the ranks as a film producer, and launching her production company, Emilie knew that painting is much like entrepreneurship. One starts with a plan, begins with a stroke, yet never knows what one might find on the way.

Turning her art into digital assets (NFT) became a natural evolution, bridging her passion for painting and her line of business.

A strong incident has the power to freeze time. And when time freezes, our perception does too. How do emotions translate?

We experience events in the moment which is a point in what becomes a linear journey called life.

The past years carried multiple tipping points. Global pandemic, revolutions, economic warfare, and a dramatic explosion that hit Lebanon hard.

This art series is the fruit of a turmoil of emotions that the artist experienced at a a time where the world, and her home country Lebanon, witnessed unprecedented events.

Catastrophic events have a way of bringing people together much like dots form a large expression. Her visual expression of such complex times is routed in commemorating their climatic manifestation, disintegrating them into sizable dots that are a symbol of harmony spiritually. With one brush, every painted dot carries a story that becomes eternal. When viewing the pieces, one can almost imagine it moving.

We live infinite moments, infinite dots that, together, form a bigger picture giving birth to hope, to a new dawn, to life, renewed.

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