Bechara Baroudi

Bechara Baroudi

Bechara Baroudi, a Chilean-Lebanese artist, masterfully fuses elements from both his cultural heritages into a vibrant maximalist urban pop aesthetic. An avid traveler, Bechara’s global explorations have deeply influenced his artistic journey, particularly his passion for Japanese culture and the iconic works of Takashi Murakami and Yayoi Kusama. This fascination manifests in his art through the over-the-top, two-dimensional quality of Superflat art, characterized by characters inspired by manga and tokidoki.

Yet, Bechara’s work transcends mere visual appeal. Beneath the surface of his playful imagery—brimming with teddy bears, robots, airplanes, and an assortment of quirky creatures—lies a profound social commentary. His art becomes a harmonious space where Catholicism and Islam, East and West, technology and history coexist. Baroudi’s creations invite everyone to join this grand, whimsical party, disregarding race, gender, or religion, evoking the joyous sensation of a child in a candy-filled pool. Through his art, Bechara conveys a powerful message: amid the chaos of war and divisions, love ultimately prevails.

Bechara earned degrees in Graphic Design and Architecture from Universidad Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile. Describing himself as an “artistholic”, he is known for painting on any surface he can find, from clothing and shoes to wallpaper and sculptures. His work has been showcased in Chile, Argentina, Dubai, and Lebanon, attracting high-profile clients such as Pepsi Arabia, UNICEF, MONTBLANC, Palmers, Apple Chile, and Coca Cola Jordan.

Artist Statement:

As a Chilean-Lebanese artist and avid traveler, my work is a crossover between the cultures of my home countries and the places I have visited. In my art, I distill the experiences of my nomadic life into a mishmash of colorful cartoons, psychedelic and pop imagery, and oriental themes. I am especially fascinated by the cultural and religious diversity of Lebanon; its incredibly vibrant nightlife, stunning architecture, and beautiful landscapes, as conveyed in the wild exuberance of my paintings. I operate based on the principle of “less is more, but more is always more”. Therefore, I adopt a maximalist urban style that overloads the senses with a dizzying avalanche of objects, cartoon characters, and words in different languages. Overall, my work celebrates the wonderful madness of the world we live in, love being the main ingredient.

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