The foundations of minimalistic decor

Applying Minimalism in Home Decor

Although minimalism represents simplicity in its purest form, it is a rather misunderstood word, often misused by marketing to refer to a select tier of design that is often inaccessible and pricey, which reflects the exact opposite of minimalism. Beyond design and architecture minimalism can be understood as a philosophy that determines a lifestyle that prioritizes the essential and avoids superfluidity. This can be surprisingly difficult to assimilate in an era which encourages insatiable consumerism and impulsive accumulation of objects merely to satisfy a desire to acquire things. The implications of this type of attitude are extremely vast, however they often are reflected in home environments that are cluttered, obstructed, inefficient and disharmonious. Think of a place with too much information in it, that ends creating the feelings of distraction and stress for its inhabitants. 

Those who care about home design and decoration, probably believe that our homes are a reflection of our internal state and one affects the other directly. So a minimalist design can be a good direction for those who are looking to reduce the amount of mental noise and stress. To implement minimalism in your home decoration and design, let’s talk about a few basic aspects that must be understood as we demystify a few misconceptions.

First, minimalism does not mean scarcity or lousiness in design, much on the contrary, a refined minimalist environment requires a lot of thought to maximize the efficiency of the space and the harmony between elements used. Adhering to a minimalist home design allows you to select the right high-quality items for your decoration. Minimalism also does not mean you can’t have many things, instead, your house should be designed with compartments that contain your items rather than keeping unnecessary objects clustering your visual environment. 

While the basic principles of minimalist design involve neutral and mostly white wall colors and choosing quality over quantity, that still leaves plenty of room for adding key pieces of decoration works well in a minimalist home environment.


Plants come as a great ally in minimalist home decor. Since most minimalist homes adopt white and neutral palettes, the natural green shades add contrast and energize the house. Minimalism has everything to do with reinforcing our connection to nature, thus choosing key pieces of greenery to add to your decoration composition is a great choice.

 Art Pieces

While adding every painting you have ever gathered to your wall goes directly against the principles of a minimalist decoration, choosing one meaningful art piece to be highlighted in your décor is a great idea. Here you can invest in a more expensive, bigger piece, rather than multiple paintings. Make sure to select a painting that would make you comfortable being the center of attention in the room.

Chesna Incense Stick Burner Table Deco Caline Najm

 Sophisticated Items

Most of the furniture is supposed to adhere to a simple, yet functional design. However, you can choose a limited few refined items to add some shine to your decoration. Small pieces with golden traits, such as these wonderful ashtrays and incense holders can be a great subtle highlight to your minimalist decoration.


The idea here is to go back to the roots and prefer items that are mostly raw and carefully crafted by you or a local artisan rather than artificial pieces, completely manufactured pieces. Choosing as little plastic items as possible will make your home more organic as you also value more sustainable items with higher artistic value.


Colors may be limited in a minimalist home but you can still play with textures to add dynamism and allow for a game play with lighting in your home. This could be hand knitted mats or pillows for example. These types of items also allow you to create a sense of coziness in your home even as you adhere to a minimalist decoration.

If you have read this far you might have understood that minimalism is contained in a love for subtlety and the cultivation of an appreciation for the simple things in life. However, it is not by any means a forbiddance of style and sophistication, it just requires you to have a more requinted eye in decor. Browse sooqbeirut to find a variety of home decor items and art pieces that will add to your minimalistic composition without hurting its sense of balance and purity.  

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