Gifting Art Lovers & Creative People this Holiday Season

Holiday season is around the corner and the gift exchanging tradition is coming up. While many people stress out about having to find everyone a gift, others try to make use of this great opportunity to strengthen bonds with friends and family. If we face it as a creative challenge, we can lighten the burden of the task.

As we’ve discussed before in our blog, gifting art is a great demonstration of a meaningful emotional bond between two people, besides being an enduring present choice that continues to change its significance and eventually becomes a focal point for memories and stories shared between gifted and giver.

Digital Drawing by Sarah Saroufim

Especially if you are looking to gift someone artistically oriented, curious and open-minded, we recommend you take a look at the gorgeous digital drawing from Sarah Saroufim, which will look wonderful in this person’s living room or home office. Sarah is a very innovative and talented Lebanese artist who is at the frontiers of contemporary art. In her drawings, Sarah uses her style to shed a different light upon important themes such as the connection between humans, the animal kingdom and nature and how it reflects our inner psychological states.

Gifting Home Decor

When it comes to gifting, few things can be better than home decor if you have a sensible eye. 

Candles are invariably a great choice for the holiday season and anyone would be delightfully surprised with an exquisitely designed piece such as the Concorde Candle. Symbolically, candles are used to bring light and enhance spiritual connection in an environment, turning it into a personal sanctuary. During the holiday season this is especially desired, however, any time of the year, a candle stimulates a person to make room for self-care and relaxation time. It works wonders as a gift for family members, significant others and work colleagues. If you’d like to give a permanent thing, your candle can accompany a sophisticated candle holder, such as the Candelabra Candle Holder.

Similar to candles, incense sticks can also be a much treasured gift, if you know that the person is into that. Like candles, they work to create a spiritual atmosphere in the room and have everything to do with the holiday mood, as its nostalgic scents greatly suit an atmosphere of celebration and transformation. To create the perfect gift set, accompany the incense with a beautiful incense burner, a subtle item that adds a brush of elegance to any environment. The Chesna Incense Stick Burner is sure to please any giftee who loves incense and cares about style.

Another interesting gift, can be refined table top decoration pieces, such as the Luceo Table Decor. This item is a perfect gift, especially during the holiday season when people are looking to get their homes more beautiful, festive and inviting for their guests. Since it also creates beautiful lights and shadows in the room, whenever this atmosphere is created the giftee will be visited by the good memories of the occasion and the person who brought this gift. 

Luceo Table Decor Caline Najm

Likewise, if you have the slightest idea of your gifted person’s taste, refined tableware pieces such as ceramic bowls and plates can also be a good gifting bet and will probably add to the holiday table decoration. If your person likes bold and big surprises, you can consider getting them a decorational home vase, such as our beautiful Marrakech Vase, which can be paired with branches of plants and flowers to enhance its beauty even further. 

Whoever it is you are trying to give this holiday season, we probably have a good gift choice for you at Sooqbeirut. Make sure to browse our store and choose among dozens of carefully curated items from Lebanese and international artists. 

Written by Yasmim Franceschi exclusively for sooqbeirut

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