Gifting Art: Turning an Object into a Gesture

Gifting a good friend or family member can become a real mission, if the intention is to create a real impact. While many will opt for gifting a cake, a fancy chocolate basket or some expensive drink, others will aim at finding an object that will rather last and perhaps be useful for the person. 

Art can be the savior for those who struggle to decide upon a gift. That is because, while you can invest any amount of money in a work of art, its actual value is truly inestimable. Besides that, since art has multiple possible meanings, it becomes a subjective gift that will make the person being gifted feel like there was a real effort from the gifter’s side to find something particularly meaningful. 

While any edible product will be consumed and eventually disappear, a work of art will be long lasting and forever remind the owner of the occasion in which the gift was received, reinforcing the emotional bond between the gitfer and gifted. This is one of the most sought after powers of gifting and there is nothing like art to expand on the relationship between two people, as that work of art naturally becomes a reference for the stories and situations that permeate the relationship. 

The options are truly endless when it comes to creating emotional bonds through gifting, as you could choose anything from a classic piece, to a more casual, well-humored artwork that relates to the personality of the person you want to give, such as the figurine sculptures of Guillermo Forchino, available here in sooqbeirut.

Just as the relationship between you and the person you desire to give is dynamic and constantly evolving, so is an artwork. An artwork ressignifies itself over time… It is like when we listen to a song we love carefully, we might listen to the same song over and over various times throughout our lives, and each time it will have a different meaning for us. A work of art works quite the same way. 

While the emotional or subjective value of a work of art is inestimable, the financial value of a work of art tends to increase over time. If you consider gifting someone with a valuable piece of art, it is good to keep in mind that the tendency is for the masterpiece market to increase significantly, as it has been happening in the past years according to the World Wealth Report, indicating that there are enough reasons to assume that demand and prices of artwork will continue to grow. Therefore, an art piece gifted to someone can potentially become an intergenerational asset that increases in value over time.

Besides, as society continues its transition into a digital era, gifting art will no longer be limited to the physical. Gifting digital pieces, such as NFTs will become ever more common as more people will invest in their digital art portfolio. NFTs are actually a perfect way of gifting art, as they make it possible and convenient for the property rights of a digital work of art to be transmitted from one person to another. With the ever growing expansion of the NFT market, those who earn NFTs as gifts now, in what is still considered the early days of NFT, in a few years might hold a very valuable digital asset. Besides that, NFT is making it possible for digital artworks to become as desirable, or even more than, physical art pieces.

Written by Yasmim Franceschi exclusively for sooqbeirut
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